Friday, January 23, 2015

Entry #1: Everything Has A Beginning

Regardless of what you do, where you go, or who you run into, there's a start.

Everything has a beginning.

LaCygne Kansas, The best place on earth. 

And so, with beginnings, here's the start of a new blog. On More Than Words, I'll focus on what's happening in my personal life. You get the privilege of stepping inside my brain and picking at my thoughts.   

I'll post pictures that I've taken of places I've been, or people who are important to me, so that we can relate better. 

This is, literally, an open book to my life, and I am more than excited to share it with you. Who knows, we could become best friends. (wink, wink.) 

The picture posted above is of a lake in LaCygne Kansas. I have it posted as the best place on earth because, to me, it is. It's where I live. (I'll expand on that in another post.) However, on the edge of that dock, I like to sit, legs crossed, and listen to the waves as I write. 

I like to think of it as an inspiration dock. Great things come from that old wooden thing. It's magical.

Beginnings start there. 

But today, I'm passing the torch on. Beginnings can start anywhere. It's like a constant bind of infinities. An anxious heartbeat.  

Welcome, my friends. Welcome to my new beginning. 

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  1. That dock looks beautiful! You live in a pretty place. Nice post!