Friday, January 23, 2015

Entry # 2: Be Still

Usually it’s in the stillness when I hear the voice.

I followed this cat around. What an intriguing creature.

But lately, it’s been in the chaos.

It’s the background music, the dim lights, the mumbled prayers coming from those around me.
In all it's grandeur. Completely beautiful.

And the words I hear, I don’t always understand them.
No, sometimes I can’t tell them apart from my own, but it lures me in, and like that cat pictured above, I want to freely follow it into the wild.

It is stunning, this voice, and somehow I feel like it will all be okay.
I slip into oblivion. I am loved.
I am free.

So when it murmurs, I listen.
It is my sanity. My golden light. My night star.

All of it is truly amazing.
I could not say it enough.

All of you is truly amazing. 

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